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ITS Approval Section

Meets Support Requirements
ITS can support or feels there are support structures in place
Meets Integration Requirements
Can ITS support installation, account generation and authentication?
Meets Accessibility Requirements
Meets minimum requiremements or there is a road map for meeting requirements
Meets Security Requirements
This product is secure and meets FERPA requirements

Employee Technology Purchase Request Form

Please provide the following information before purchasing software or web applications.  Information Technology Services, Purchasing and key people on your campus need to be involved in vetting the solution. 

Product Categories (Pick all that appy)
Who will be using the product? (Check all the apply)
Who will be responsible for supporting this product?
Tip: it's helpful to make sure this person is aware before you volunteer them
Please give us a date, and "yesterday" doesn't count.
Will the total cost of the software over 5 years exceed $90k?
Show me the money! So many people forget about funding.
We tend to share problems so your genius solution may benefit everyone
What was the big selling point for why you choose this software.
Did you research and price out at least 2 other solutions?
Yeap, we need to know you did your homework.
This shows due diligence and being fiscally responsible in our technology solutions
For example: service fees license fees, maintenance fees, staff resources
We cannot be the only college with this problem. Did you research what other colleges are doing?
Sales people tend to exaggerate and give us false expectations. It is best to talk to other users to ensure they are happy with the product and the support provided.
Tracking licenses can be very complicated. Some system require single-sign-on or importing a list of users nightly.
Does it need to be password protected? Will the user access the software from within WebSMART or can it be linked off the college websites? Will we need to pass information from WebSMART into this system?
Does this software require a server installation?
Some applications or a component of the application needs to be installed on a server that ITS has to maintain. This means a lot of additional setup for ITS and ongoing maintenance of upgrades, patches, backups, etc...
ITS spends their weekends reading installation instructions
Does this software require a database installation?
Some applications need MySQL, Microsoft SQL, Oracle or other back-end database that ITS has to maintain. This can be very complex and is another server ITS mas to upgrade, patch, backup, etc...
ITS loves documentation. You can normally tell how good a vendor is by the quality of their documentation.
Can vendor provide end-user software installation requirements?
ITS would like to know how to install and configure the software on desktops, laptops and tablets.
Is any confidential or FERPA information stored ?
Ferpa information is anything personally identifiable such as name, address, gnumbers, ssn or anything regarding student submitted work and grades.
We will need to attach this to the contract so make it easier for us and provide the link. Can't find the link? Better ask the vendor.
Is it ADA compliant?
ADA compliant means it meets minimum accessibility requirements - WCAG 2.0 AA (you will need to ask the vendor)
Do they have a VPAT?
The Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) is a document which evaluates how accessible a particular product is according to the Section 508 Standards
We will need to attach this to the contract so make it easier for us and provide the link. Can't find the link? Better ask the vendor.
ITS folks are smart but we cannot learn and support every vendor product. You normally need an assigned staff member to become the product guru.
We will need to attach this to the contract so make it easier for us and provide the link. Can't find the link? Better ask the vendor.

Purchasing Approvals