Instructions for Students:

It is strongly recommended that you meet with a Skyline College Counselor to discuss your request for enrolling beyond the maximum unit allowed before submitting this form. Your counselor can assist you in completing the form.

If you are completing a request for more than one term (i.e. Summer and Fall), you will need to file a separate petition for each request.

Your submitted request will be reviewed for eligibility by a Skyline College Counselor and final decision will be made by the Dean of Counselling.

Once a final decision has been determined, you will be notified by email. 

Reference:Enroll Beyond Max Units

Student Information

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Student Name*

Eligibility Requirements

Students should be cautious of the number of units they enroll in each term and not underestimate the time required for college studies; enrolling in too many units often jeopardizes chances of completing courses. Academic standing is based on a cumulative grade point average and the percentage of units completed each term. Students must carefully consider the number of hours they plan to work and their overall grade point average prior to making this request.

The following guidelines are used to review and approve petitions.

Fall & Spring (More than 19 units)

Summer (More than 11 units)


Minimum Grade Point Average

Minimum Grade Point Average

Work hours/Units:

Work hours/Units:


Fall & Spring


Not Working = 15-19 units

Not Working = 1-11 units


17-19 units = 2.5 GPA

6-8 units = 2.5 GPA

10 hours = 12-15 units

10 hours = 1-6 units


20-21 units = 3.0 GPA

9-10 units = 3.0 GPA

20 hours = 9-12 units

20 hours = 1-4 units


22+ units = 3.75 GPA

11+ units = 3.75 GPA

30 hours = 6-9 units

30 hours = 1-3 units


40 hours = 1-6 units

40 hours = 1-3 units


Student Request

Term for your request:*
Only one submission per term. Please submit another request for a different term.
1b. and 2b. total
1b. and 2b. total
Include the course name, number; separate with a semi-colon (;) if more than one course
Include the course name and number; separate with a semi-colon (;)
Student Type*
Do you plan to compete in intercollegiate athletics during the term?

Student Acknowledgement

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  • I have checked the email account on this form is current.
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SKY Counselor Acknowledgment (Skyline College Staff Only)

S1a. Enroll Beyond SKY Counselor Review

This section is to be completed only by a Skyline College Counselor.

SKY Counselor GPA and SEP Check (you may check more than one)*
S1a. SKY Counselor Preliminary Recommendation*
All final decisions are determined by the Dean of Counseling
Indicate the reason for denial; the reason will be included in the student email notification

S2a. Enroll Beyond FD Intake

FD Checklist*
FD Intake - Needs Counselor Review
The request will go in order: S2b-S3-S4-S5
FD Intake- Counselor Approval Verified
By marking this box, the request will go directly to Dean for review

S2b. Enroll Beyond Assign Counselor

Assigned Date:*

S3. Enroll Beyond Counselor Evaluation

You are reviewing this petition because the student has not yet met with a counselor. 

If you feel a determination of approval or denial cannot be made, you may request that the student "Meet with a SKY Counselor" to discuss their request over an appointment.

The front desk will be prompted to contact the student to schedule a counseling appointment.  

The student appointment will be made with the next available counselor unless you indicate, in the Counselor Comments (Office use only), you wish to meet with the student.

Eval Date*
Enroll Beyond Counselor Action*
For "Denied" and "Meet" please leave detailed Eval Counselor Comments below

S4. Enroll Beyond: SKY COUN Dean (or COUN Coord) Evaluation

Dean Eval Date*
Dean Eval Decision*
For "Denied" please leave detailed Comments so we can notify the student the reason(s).
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added 12/16/21 by MK to include emails etc. to support request
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added 12/16/21 by MK to include emails etc. to support request
Your comments will be included in the student email notification
Your comments will be included in the student email notification

S5. Enroll Beyond: SKY COUN Final Processing

S5 Final Eval Decision *
The notes will be included in the automatic student DENIED email notification
The notes will be included in the automatic student CUSTOM email notification
S5 Final Entry Date:*
S5 Final Banner Checklist*