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No-Code in HR: 10 Ways HR Teams Are Using No-Code Tools

Guest Author
April 5, 2022
Min Read

What is one no-code tool that HR teams should start using?

How can HR teams use a no-code tools to develop a solution to a common HR problem? 

If you're wondering about the answers to these two questions, we can deliver. To help better understand the benefits of using no-code tools in HR, we asked HR specialists, recruiting professionals, and business leaders to answer the two questions above. We wanted to know their insights into how these new types of tools can help HR teams and scale organizations.

From Formstack to Google Analytics, there are several no-code tools to leverage in HR. Here are 10 no-code tools for HR teams that can help you transform processes, improve productivity, and scale systems.

"Human resources play a critical role within any organization. One area, in particular, is project management. No-code tools such as Asana help keep cross-functioning teams collaborating on projects and rebalancing work without the technical programming knowledge. 

This tool, and others, are great for connecting calendars, sharing documents, timelines, and automating tasks. As HR leaders, these no-code tools allow you to keep tabs on the workloads across your team, collect real-time analysis on deadlines and milestones, keep you in touch with operations, and foster team cohesion and accountability on project needs. 

In addition, no-code tools make integration with fragmented workflows easier and simplify collaboration, whether working in an office or remote."

Tasha Bell
Sr. Manager of Learning, Development, and Branding at Crescent

"Hiring for an enterprise of any size can be daunting. As CEO of my own company, I've had to deal with recruiting and it's no picnic. Luckily, my company reviews software solutions for HR professionals so I knew how to simplify things without having to write a single line of code.

Good applicant tracking systems (ATSs), like Avature, allow the user to create dashboards and automate workflows using their no-code interface. These types of systems also use sophisticated permissions to ensure only those who are supposed to are able to change the workflows.

Users are able to set up workflows that will parse resumes for pertinent data, notify other systems when parsed data is uploaded, then automatically schedule an interview if certain criteria are met."

Phil Strazzulla
Founder of Select Software Reviews

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"People management is an all-encompassing job, from the hiring process to onboarding and training. There is a variety of moving pieces at any given time in every company's HR department. To be effective, it's critical to keep track of these HR responsibilities and their progress. 

People management dashboards, like Comidor, can provide people managers with a quick overview of their departmental functions and progress on different HR efforts to keep functions in the HR life cycle moving smoothly — and it's 100% customizable to fit your own organizational goals."

Spiros Skolarikis
Founder and CEO of Comidor

"Formstack enables HR teams to focus on what they do best and delegate the development of solutions to Formstack. The no-code tool provides a user-friendly interface for form creation which eliminates reliance on developers and can be customized to meet specific needs.

We mainly use it for custom web forms, but it can also be extended into other areas such as employee surveys, registration forms, and online job applications. By using Formstack, we are able to get the benefits of having an online application without the investment in building our own. This not only saves cost but also time, while still retaining some control over how certain things are done."

Ben Miller
Owner of Focus On Digital

"No-code tools are becoming more commonplace especially in a post-pandemic world. Company leaders are constantly looking for ways to streamline processes to cut costs, but now also to provide alternative methods of work as the new workforce leans to a more remote setting. 

One no-code tool HR teams should look at is Google Analytics. Commonly used for tracking website traffic and trends, it can also capture data on the types of visitors to a site which can provide valuable insight to HR teams on what professionals to target for staffing needs."

Michelle Jimenez
Director of Human Resources at Fromer Eye Centers

"My favorite HR no-code software would be HiBob. It’s a human resource management system, which helps us oversee the growth of the company and its team members. I feel like HR should not focus on ‘tracking’ or ‘managing’ employees — it should be all about making people feel comfortable in the company. 

HiBob greatly contributes to that. It has an authentic social media look and feel. We love using features like personalized onboarding flows, kudos, and shoutouts to celebrate important milestones, hobby groups, and a company news feed. Every employee has access to their personalized holiday calendar, working timeline, payroll hub, and our employee directory. 

It also has a mobile app, which is highly useful in case a worker needs to quickly book a sick day or a weekend without having access to their work laptop. Our HR team uses it to automate our processes and make our tasks more intuitive and engaging, which is especially crucial as we are currently growing very fast. So far so good!"

Ewelina Melon
Chief People and Culture Officer at Tidio

"Honeycode is a no-code solution that allows users to easily construct mobile and web applications using a familiar spreadsheet approach. HR teams might utilize the app's built-in templates as a framework to create apps with similar functionality, one of which is a template for an employee onboarding app. Developing an onboarding app simplifies the onboarding process and allows new hires to begin working productively on their first day.

New hires can get a holistic view of their initial tasks and add new tasks to supplement those added by their manager. Managers can track each new hire's progress on their onboarding objectives to obtain visibility into performance and productivity."

David Bitton
Co-founder and CMO at Doorloop

"I would recommend Recruitee. It’s a SaaS product for employer branding, candidate search, recruiting, applicant tracking, job posting, and many other HR tasks. Recruitee helps our team to keep our processes in order and search for IT candidates faster and easier. 

In general, there are a lot of no-code tools that HR teams may use in their work. In our technology world, there is no need for an HR specialist to code to analyze the effectiveness of work, build motivation strategies or do employee performance reviews."

Tatiana Melnichuk
Founder of Lucky Hunter

"The bulk of the landing pages HR can provide to their employees can be configured without coding. Whether it be part of the HRIS or on a standalone platform such as SharePoint, there's really no excuse for the lack of a one-stop-shop for all, or at least most, HR information. 

Ideally, this system can also be accessed via mobile device, and the more robust solutions will provide for a smooth transition to some of the most essential HR-related actions the employee can take."

Jeremy Ames
Bus & Technology Delivery Senior Manager at Accenture

"Many HR teams are plagued with trying to manage all the problems they are solving for their internal clients. When I was a CHRO, my team and I created an HR ticketing system using Smartsheet.  

This allowed us to track incoming questions and audit for themes, ideas, and challenges our people were facing. It gave us insights into where we needed to learn more on education and communication and where our people needed the most support. We were also able to establish meaningful SLAs for most common items.

This tool did not remove human interaction, it enhanced it significantly. Within 30 days of using the tool, we were able to identify gaps and start to make needed adjustments. It was easy to implement and a remarkable gain for the team and the employees."

Barbie Winterbottom
CEO of The Business of HR

Use no-code tools to power your HR team.

It’s your job to focus on people. To do that, you need processes in place that free up your time so you can get to work on big problems. With no-code tools, you can easily build the automated systems and workflows you need to efficiently run not only your human resources department, but your organization as a whole.

Automate, optimize, and simplify your HR processes with powerful data management and workflow automation tools from Formstack! Learn how our no-code suite of products can help you automate the processes that matter and be more productive.

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